Ramin’s work is about entering into dialogue with the material, about processes, trying something, about intuition and time. This also applies to the collaboration with the customers’ wishes for a special piece of jewellery or a repair.

Wedding Rings

The goldsmith Ulrike Ramin guides you personally through the process with intuition and a trained eye. By working out differences and similarities, unique pieces of jewellery are created that become symbols of your love and your common path. A few examples of wedding rings will help illustrate the possibilities, materials and shapes.

A special piece of  jewellery for the common life path.


If you have old jewellery that is no longer used, Ulrike Ramin offers you the opportunity to bring it to life again by creating a piece of jewellery you will wear with joy. By melting your old gold or silver the material can either be transformed into one of the existing designs or into your own personal piece of jewellery.
All jewellery can be used, also of different carats.