The interaction between the precious metal, the craftsmanship and the creation of harmonious forms of lasting value is Ulrike Ramin’s daily challenge and joy. “The best thing about my work is to create jewellery and to see a person wear it. That closes a circle for me.”

Ulrike Ramin is educated as a goldsmith at State Academy of Drawing in Hanau, Germany. After a time of travelling and working in different studios she became a freelance goldsmith in 2011 and a year later a partner in Formverk.

2014 Ulrike Ramin won the special prize from the Copenhagen Goldsmith Guild, 2016 Bronze at the Danish Craftsman Award. Her work is also recognized in Germany and she has been showing her jewellery at the traditional Zeughausmesse Berlin for the last five years. An important part of Ulrike Ramin’s practice has been the participation in jewellery and crafts exhibitions, and her work has been shown in Denmark, Germany and Finland. Ulrike Ramin is also the co-initiator of a number of exhibitions and events – in her studio Formverk and recently as well as initiator of Meet The Maker in Copenhagen.