Gold and SILVER

For her gold and silver jewellery Ulrike Ramin uses recycled gold and silver that she source from Burger Edelmetalle in Keltern, Germany, a refinery for precious metal that puts an emphasize on materials with a proven identity. The recycling of precious metals significantly reduces the demand for exploitation of related natural resources. This prevents a company like Dr. Bernhard Burger AG from exploiting workers in gold mines. In addition, the processing of precious metals already available on the market limits the inflow of new quantities, which in turn has a positive effect on the value of existing jewellery. For these good reasons, the Dr. Bernhard Burger AG successfully completed the certification process in June 2013 under the criteria of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and has since been officially certified member of the RJC. The mission of the RJC is the commitment to promote ethical, social and environmental practices while respecting human rights.


Ulrike Ramin sources her sustainable pearls from Marc’Harit in Denmark. They are free from all artificial colour and luster treatment. Marc’Harit has a strong relationship with their pearl farms and visits them regularly to ensure sustainable farming practices. These include environmental factors like for example guidelines on handling fuel and chemicals, numbers of oysters permitted per hectare ocean as well as social responsibility, like fostering a sustainable community. Learn more about Marc’ Harits sustainable practices at 


Ulrike Ramin selects her corals from Lise Lund Koral in Denmark.  Lise Lund Koral has built up a strong relationship to the Italian coral deep sea divers and buys directly from the local traders and craftsmen. The red mediterranean coral from Italy, also named Sardinian coral, is of high quality and has been taken from the sea in accordance with the European law and regulations.